Dilemma 30 (Out with a Friend and a Camera)

Her friend invited her over to his apartment, which he’d locked himself in for the past two weeks. She let herself in and walked into an overly cluttered home; between take-out containers, empty bottles and an overflowing garbage bin. She head to the studio straight away, because she knew that’s where he’ll be and where he’d been for the past fortnight. Eleven canvases stood side-by-side in a semi-circle, while he focused his attention on only one. Music played in the background as he worked.

“Hey,” she said to make him aware of her presence.

He put down his brush, turned around abruptly and gave her a hug. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too. What’s with the mess outside?”

“Sorry I’ve too distracted to clean up. I haven’t stopped working since Valentine’s. I was so inspired by what happened that day.”

“I can see that, the work looks spectacular. I can’t believe you’ve done eleven paintings in two weeks!”

“Well I started eleven, only finished four. Anyway I called ‘cause I wanted to hangout. Outside, after being cooped-up in here for so long I need fresh air.”

“Sure, I was planning on taking some photos today would you like to join me? Or did you have something else in mind?”

“That sounds perfect.”

“Great! I’ll clean up some of the mess outside, while you shower.”

He smiled. “You really don’t have to.”

“It’s bothering me.”

The two walked around the city in search of suitable subjects for her to photograph. They varied between the city’s architecture, the park, interesting store displays, the rushing cars, graffiti, street vendors and artists and even prostitutes. She could always find something or someone that’s willing to serve as a subject.

“Are you planning a show, or are these just for you?”

“I’ve been commissioned by a website called The World at your Fingertips to take a series of pictures of different parts and different aspects of the city. It’s a new travel website. They feature one city every month and have artists, writers and photographers who live there present work about that city. All you have to do is send them a portfolio and if they think you’re good enough you’re hired for the month. So I’ll send them the best pictures and keep the rest.”

“That sounds good. How’s your writing going?”

“Not bad. I’m doing some freelance work and I’m almost done with my novel.”

“That’s impressive. I always admired how you’re able to balance two or three jobs at the same time.”

“Multi-tasking is in my blood,” she said with a smile.

Famished after a long day, they finally ended up in a Chinese restaurant enjoying spring rolls and noodles.


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