Dilemma 28 (Three Times the Fun)

Almost all of her friends were artists in one field or another. They ranged from writers like herself to designers of different kinds to musicians, like her best friend, to actors, directors, painters and sculptors. She was able to relate to every one of her friends, because they each had a story which they told through their art. They all struggled in one way or another in their lives and continued to struggle every day in order to live their dreams. They were also all spontaneous and free-spirited like her. More than anyone in the world, her friends inspired her and supported her the most. Whenever she felt depressed or empty or alone, she would always look at them and feel grateful for having them in her life.

She is not a believer in Valentine’s Day and neither are her friends, who were with her that night, all of which were single. A friend, who had plans with her fiancée, argued that they were all bitter because they were alone, so they claim they are against the entire notion of a day dedicated to celebrating love. She was mistaken about some of them, who whether they were in a relationship or not never celebrated what they believed to a fictitious holiday. They went to dinner at an Italian restaurant downtown at an obscure location, which was guaranteed not to be crowded that night. The city was flooded with lovers at every corner, who were smiling and embracing one another. However this group of singles had different plans for the night. They ate pasta, exchanged stories, gossiped and shared a few laughs. Overall it was a perfect predictable night, until two of her friends took her a side and approached her with a bizarre proposal.

“We want you to join us in a threesome.” Her eyes widened as she stared in bewilderment at her two friends. The three were very close and had been for years. One was the aspiring director who hosted their New Year’s parties every year, who was currently experimenting with her sexuality. The other was the up-and-coming painter, whom this idea belonged to, that argued that the endeavor would be providing him with great research material for his new show.

“But why are you asking me in particular?” she asked.
“Come on sweetie; you’re one of our closest friends, you’re bold, spontaneous, a risk-taker and insane. It’s perfect,” she responded with a smile.
“Well when you put it that way, it makes perfect sense,” she said sarcastically in a humorous manner.
“But seriously are you up for it or not?” he asked “It would be a stand against all those pretentious beliefs that link sex to love, and it would be a fun little adventure. So what do say?”
“Why not,” she replied. “We’ve all tried doing things the conventional way and ending up hurt. I find no reason why we should link our base instincts with our emotions anyway, and if I had to choose someone to share this experience with it most it would be the two of you.”

The three friends went back to his apartment at around 1:45 am, after a great night. They all had a little to drink to help them loosen up. The apartment, which also doubled as his studio, was relatively small with a back door leading to a tiny yard. It had two rooms; one which primarily served as his studio had several canvases with unfinished work, a stack of empty canvases, and a couple of completed paintings, brushes, paint and palettes lying around. The second room was his bedroom, which he invited them into.

They refused to have the experience be awkward or personal. It was purely physical. They started taking off their shoes and jackets and letting down their hair. Then the pants, skirts, shirts and stockings came off. He unhooked both their bras simultaneously. In merely four minutes the three of them stood completely naked in front each other. She was slightly nervous and she could tell that they were as well, however it was not awkward. The girls locked lips, while running their hands down each other’s bodies and caressing one another gently.

He was aroused by this process. The girls then turned their attention to him. He lay on the bed, with one mouth sucking his penis as the other pressed her mouth against his. The three intimately embraced each other, either in turns or at once. He sketched the girls as they slept together, watching as their bodies grew tenser; he could almost feel the muscle contractions as one of them achieved an orgasm. He then joined them once more. As he penetrated one of his friends, he applied pressure on the other’s clitoris with his index figure while rotating it clockwise, she was in utter ecstasy. It seemed like an out of body experience to all of them; it was surreal yet exuberating.

After the endeavor came to an end, the three laid next to one another for a while; they hadn’t fully grasped what had happened just yet. Moments later they all went to the living room, partially dressed to discuss what had just happened. Surprisingly they found it to be better than they had expected and not at all embarrassing or uncomfortable. Somehow the fact that they are all friends and that there was no emotion attached to the affair, relieved any pressure or stress they might have had.

“That is certainly not what I had expected,” she said.
“The first time sleeping with another girl, can be weird, for lack of a better word. But you seemed to enjoy it and you are a phenomenal kisser among other things,” she replied with a smile. “It was definitely a rewarding experience and I’m glad you were a part of it.”
“Rewarding it the perfect word, this was exactly what I needed to move forward with my work Thank you,” he said.
“Glad to help,” said the girls sincerely, while continuing to smile.

He fell into a deep sleep instantaneously. The girls however chatted until sunrise, when they finally gave in and joined him in bed. He woke up the next morning rejuvenated and inspired. He threw one last glance at the girls before he locked himself in his studio.


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