Dilemma 26 (Club X)

She stood in front of the mirror and combed through her long raven locks with her fingers. She wore a black tiny sequin dress, which complemented her light caramel-colored skin, and spiked pink stilettos, which looked better than they felt. She stood there motionless, for a while, until she was completely satisfied with her appearance before she finally left her room. Her attire gave the illusion of height, as the dress hugged her curves perfectly and the shoes forced her to improve her posture. She waited impatiently for her friend, tapping her nails on the side table.

Their heading was Club X, one of the most notorious clubs in the city, mostly because it was infamous for its celebrity scandals. Celebrities are carried out drunk around sunrise on a regular basis, and the police had to shut the club down twice this year because of brawls involving some of those famous customers. Nonetheless it was his favorite club and therefore the location of his farewell party. When they walked in the club was full, as usual. The beat felt consistent with the rhythm of her heart to the extent that she felt that the music was inside her own body. The floor was shaking below them; it was like walking into a boom box. The venue was dark, windowless and consuming, with nothing but dim colored lighting and a glow-in-the-dark dance floor, which illuminated the center of the club. It was furnished in black and deep purple, which added to the mysterious atmosphere.

They stood for a second to adjust their eyes to the lighting before finding their friends. At the center of the table stood a test-tube rack of luminescent drinks, which the club was famous for called ‘Fireworks’. It is a mystery what is added to the drink for it to glow, but its strength was undeniable. The group drank, danced and celebrated his departure all night.

She woke up naked, with the previous night’s clothes tossed on the floor, on an unfamiliar bed, with no recollection of how she ended up there. Her eyelids were heavy and she felt that someone was running a knife through her brain. As she gathered all her energy to lift herself into a sitting position, she realized where she was. He lay next to her, with his dark bare back exposed, sound asleep. She ran her fingers slowly through his curly hair as she remembered the first time they met. It was at a little café next to the university campus, he was a friend of a friend. She couldn’t believe that after almost six years he was leaving. Their friendship had been a rollercoaster ride with many ups and downs. Even though she knew that they will continue to be friends, the idea that he is moving across the ocean was still inconceivable.

As memories of their friendship and relationship started popping in her head, there was one that stood out the most. It was blurred at first, but then it grew clear and clearer. She could hear him breath heavily next to her. She stared emptily at the bedroom door, while the memory played out in her head. They had both walked into his apartment, drunk out of their minds, at around 4:00 am. As she walked towards the bedroom, he grabbed her by the waist and pinned her violently to the wall. Their lips only millimeters apart, when she noticed that he was shirtless and his belt was already undone. She bit his lower lip as they kissed, while he ran his hands up her thighs and slid her out her dress. Moments later their bodies were completely exposed. Her back still to the wall, she wrapped one leg around him. He grabbed her ass and lifted her slightly for support. She could feel him violently penetrating her. The image then went completely black, her memory of what happened after that moment was lost completely.

She was nauseous, the inordinate amount of drinks she had the night before were still in her system and were the cause of her queasiness. She got up to rid her system of the remainder of the drinks. She stood at the bathroom doorway, in one of his t-shirts, and saw him looking right at her.

“Good morning,” he said sleepily.
“Good morning,” she responded. “I have to go.”

She walked towards him, leaned over and gave him a peck on the cheek. Before she could walk away he grabbed her and planted one on her mouth.

“Now that’s a proper goodbye,” he said.
“Good luck,” she said with a smile. Back in her own clothes, she walked towards the door.
“Why are you leaving?” he asked. “Stay, have breakfast.”
She smiled once more, and that point her understood that trying to persuade her would be a waste of time. He watched as she turned her back and walked away.