Dilemma 25 (New Year’s)

For the past month she had been focused on her writing. She managed to complete two short stories and got one of them published in a small literary magazine. She was finally pursuing her dream.  A dream which she felt, at times, was bigger than her; a dream which seemed almost impossible to achieve. Looking back at this past year, she realized that her life has finally turned around. She had suffered heart-ache, confusion and change. She was at her lowest in every way, but she ultimately pulled through and set herself on the right path.

It was almost 10:00 pm and they were still at home. They were running like maniacs around the house looking for a pair of earrings or the right shade of lipstick to match their dresses. Two hours before midnight on one of the busiest and most crowded nights of the year. The girls were invited to their friend’s house for New Year’s; she throws it every year and this year they are late. Their friend lives about an hour away on a good day.

On the street it snowed heavily, as the girls hailed a cab. As they had expected the traffic was blocked. They girls waited anxiously for over an hour. Twenty minutes before mid-night they were at the party. The apartment was crawling with guests in every corner. Among those people, she saw a familiar face. He wore a grey suit and stood silently while he enjoyed his drink. She hadn’t seen him in months, somehow he looked older. A year ago, at the same time, in the same place, he held her in his arms and now they stand like mere acquaintances in front of one another conversing about world events. The two were inseparable all night, yet they seemed to be worlds apart. Even though the conversation flowed easily and once again it seemed like no time had past, time had in fact separate them. But even with that separation, the time that had passed and all that had happened between them this past year, she admired how they could always move passed it. At the end of the night the two hugged and parted ways.

“I really enjoyed your story, you’re a very good writer,” he said, with a genuine smile, on his way out.

She smiled back, and realized at that moment that her dream was coming true.

“Happy New Year!” she thought.


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