Ranting V

There are two types of stress in my life. One motivates me and gives me this rush that I need to finish my work just in time to meet my deadline. The other overwhelms me. This second type of stress quickly turns into a burden that is just too heavy. It weighs over me and becomes the only thing I can think of for days. I am currently feeling that burden. I have a paper due in seven hours, which I have barely started. It is coming to the point that I am no longer interested in even writing it. The paper is unfortunately worth 30% of my overall grade, and it will be overdue!!

The problem with the end of the semester in general is that you have an overwhelming amount of work in a very short period of time. Every semester it is the exact same way, for all students. The university doesn’t realize that it’s pointless to hold classes the week before finals, because it simply comes in the way of studying and writing research papers. Some professors also don’t understand that it is moronic to assign a substantial amount of work in the last two weeks of the semester. What’s worse, are professors who don’t assign nearly any work until the last week of the semester, when they know for a fact that students won’t have time to efficiently finish their work.  The professor, whose class’s paper is due in a few hours, is one of those. She missed more classes than she attended, I don’t think she taught us anything all semester, she is uninterested in the course and she doesn’t give any guidance or feedback on our work.  Therefore I portray the same indifferent attitude towards her class as she does. I believe that is the responsibility of the professor to make the students interested in the class, if not one can very easily lose interest in the class. Anyway whether I’m interested in the class or not is irrelevant at this point because I need to start working on this paper asap. Even though when my work is overdue I feel less inclined to finish it, no sure why, unfortunately in this case it is not an option at all!!

Now that it all out, I think I can actually start working (even though I’ve been saying that for about the past  seven hours).

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