Dilemma 24 (In the Pouring Rain)

She walked in the pouring rain, alone and afraid. The city was empty and quiet. She could smell the tree and hear the sound of her own feet tapping in the rain; the rain which cleaned and cleared the city. With the once noisy and crowded city coming to a halt, she felt at peace but was horrified at the same time. Once again she is at liberty, with no job, no relationship and no commitment. However unlike the last time she was in this position, she isn’t in fear of losing her home or her mind; and even though she’s scared for her future, she is more optimistic.

She returned to what she loves and what she’s most passionate about, art. In the past few months, she had her photographs displayed in a relatively famous gallery, and sold to many art lovers and collectors throughout the city.  She also wrote several short stories, which she was preparing for publishing. For the first time, since she graduated from college, she felt that she is getting a sense of who she is and who she wants to be. She studied to become a writer, but in reality she’s an artist. To her art is more than a profession, it is who she is. She writes, she takes photographs, she paints (or at least she used to), she designed for a while and she acted for a brief period during her college years; so ultimately she is an artist in every meaning of the word.

In pursuit of money, to provide for herself, she lost who she really is. She worked as a freelancer in various fields, graphic designer for an advertising company, writer for several small online magazines and blogs as well as a photographer for a local newspaper, among many things. She, however, never pursued her true passion until now.

She finally walked into a small coffee shop to shelter herself from the rain.

“Hot chocolate and a muffin, please,” she said.

She sat at a table by the window, threw her coat on the nearest chair and watched the rain. The waitress placed her order on the table. One gulp of hot chocolate warmed her inside, calmed her and put her in the perfect mood to create. She, therefore, spent the rest of the day in the same spot; writing for hours and giving life to fictional characters and a dream.


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