Ranting IV

I’m exhausted and what’s worse I’m really annoyed. I’ve only had three hours of sleep. I’ve had two cups of cappuccino in three hours. Since I started college I’ve learned to work under pressure, not only that I’ve also been able to work better under pressure. Even when I hadn’t slept in days or when I’d slept only for a few hours, I’m still able to spend the entire day on campus; working and attending classes. However what I can’t do, is work when I’m annoyed and/or in a crappy mood. This unfortunately is how I feel right now, like shit. I’ve been awake for seven hours. It’s true I was able to get some work done before I get to campus, however now I’m just not interested.

It’s the worst feeling in the world for me, to lose interest in what you have to do. It makes accomplishing anything virtually impossible. I have an Egyptian law project due in a week and I haven’t begun researching the topic. I enjoy doing research, which many people I know find to be a horrifyingly excruciating task. But when I have to translate laws from Arabic to English, the research processes starts to seem far less appealing; first because, ironically, my knowledge of Arabic is not that good, and second because I find translation to be a dreary, time-consuming process.

In addition to this project, which I find to be a pain in my ass along with the class itself, I have half a book to finish in four days, and assignment due tomorrow and a reaction paper to write. Even though I know I will eventually get all this work done on time one way or the other, it still better to complain about it out loud than give myself a migraine worrying about it all. That being said I need to get going, because I have a lecture to attend in 20 minutes on the other side of campus and wouldn’t want to be late.

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