Dilemma 23 (Running)

She could feel the pavement below her feet and the wind on her face, as she ran. The city was silent at this hour. There was no one and nothing to worry about. For an hour every morning she was at peace, she was optimistic, she could hope. Her morning run was probably the only way she was able to clear her head, it was also inspirational. However, for her, running was a vice. As the music isolated every other sound around her and her heart rate escalated, she remembered the words of an old friend, said to her many years ago:

“You run; it’s your biggest flaw. You run from life, when it gets too hard for you. You’re too afraid to face reality, to face life.”

These words were engraved in her heart. She would remember them, every time she felt hopeless, to remind herself that she needs to overcome her flaws and weaknesses in order to grow. Reality is sometimes blurred to her. She was always an ambitious and courageous person; she isn’t afraid of taking risks, however she was never grounded. She is sometimes not very realistic, either, which has made achieving goals quite difficult for her. Therefore she would run, when she can’t cope. That is always seen as contradictory to courage; however her courage doesn’t stem from her ability to face life but rather her ability to take risks.

She stopped at the coffee shop, picked up a cappuccino and croissant and slowly waked back to her apartment. On her way home, she watched the city come to life.


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