Dilemma 19 (As If No Time Had Passed)

She had barely gotten her head above water when she started sinking once more. Reality came knocking at her door one morning, and gave her a very rude awakening. She had a rather large debt to pay, and no matter how hard or how long she worked it would still take her years to pay it off.

“Is there something upsetting in the mail today?” asked her friend, noticing that her facial expression changed suddenly after opening the letter.

“Student loan,” she replied.

“There’s nothing new about that, none of us have paid off our student-loans yet. It’s normal don’t worry about it.”

“That’s not what worries me. What worries me is that I haven’t paid anything in months and now I have four months’ salary in interest,” she explained.

The two sat quietly over the breakfast table. Her phone rang breaking the silence. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw his name show up on the screen. They hadn’t seen each other or even spoken since that day almost six months ago, when he had to leave rather abruptly without even making any excuses. She had never tried to call him or even thought of him since that day. ‘What did he want?’ she thought.

That night she walked into a small Italian restaurant and right across of her she saw him. He smiled as she walked towards him and then took her into his arms. She felt that no time had passed, even though he looked different.

“I’ve been in Tokyo for the past five months,” he started. “I thought of calling you several times, but I didn’t know how you’d react after we left things off.”

“You just left; without any excuses or explanations. But that’s all in the past, how have you been?” she said changing the topic immediately.

He talked to her about his job and the Japanese girl he dated. And she told him about her new job and her move. She opened up and was completely honest with him, something she had never done before in her life; he then realized that there was a lot that he still didn’t know about her. The conversation ran smoothly between them, they laughed as they shared anecdotes and memories. They discussed the future and the present, time passed quickly.  They left the restaurant at around 1:00 am and started walking, for how long and to what end they didn’t care. She had her friend back, and in that moment that is all she cared about. She hoped the night would never end.


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