Dilemma 18 (A New Chapter in My Life)

Things finally turned around for her, and it couldn’t have come soon enough. After months and tens of applications and interviews, she got a call from a health and lifestyle website; inquiring if she was still available to fill their vacant blogger position.  She jumped at the opportunity and accepted the position without any hesitation. This was her first full-time job. Since she had always had problems with commitment, when it came to work, she preferred part-time and freelance jobs because they were more flexible. But after almost going bankrupt, she decided to open a new chapter in her life and commit to a more stable position.

 She also resolved her living situation. After hearing her distress call, her best friend offered her a helping hand. The two moved into a two bedroom apartment in a slightly cheaper neighborhood, which allowed them to split the rent and all the expenses between them. Her best friend, who had just gotten out of a long term relationship, was ready to move on and start over in a place that would not remind her of her past relationship.

 The two stood in their empty new apartment surrounded by boxes, furniture and white walls. Her dog’s eyes popped out of the walls, while its fur vanished in the background. They covered the floors with newspapers, placed the boxes in their respective rooms and threw old bed sheets on all the furniture.  They placed tins of paint by the door of each room, and then sat patiently on the floor of their new living room.

 “When did he say he was coming with those brushes and rollers?” asked her friend.

“Soon,” she answered.

“We need to paint this entire apartment and unpack by morning.”

“We can work all night. It’s not like we haven’t done it before.”

“Your first day of work is tomorrow you need to rest, plus…”

 But before she could finish the sentence, the bell rang. He stood at the door with a bag of supplies in one hand and a box of pizza in the other. They welcomed him in. The three spent the rest of the day painting, decorating, unpacking and cleaning. By the time they were done the sun was about to rise, but none of them even noticed the sun setting the day before. It was the day had never ended in order for another to begin. They were proud of their work and pleased that they had finished in such a short period of time. However, they were too exhausted to enjoy their handy work.

 The alarm rang at 7:30 am. They had passed-out, from exhaustion, a few hours earlier in the living room. Dragging themselves up, the girls got ready for work. He moved to her bedroom and fell back into a deep sleep. An hour after they woke up, their heels clacked out the door and each one walked her separate way.


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