Voting & Verdict

A little over a week ago a historical event took place in Egypt. For the first time in 7,000 years, and yes I’m really not exaggerating, the people were given the right to choose their next leader. There are only a handful of countries in this world whose history stretches over not centuries but millenniums. And yet up until the 21st century A.D. the people of this nation were never given a true, legitimate, honest chance to choose their leader. In May 2012 the Egyptians were finally given that right. As many others, I stood in line and voted; believing that for the first time in my life my voice will actually make a difference. However the results of what seemed to be honest elections were highly disappointing. The second round of the elections will be between two extremes, both of which will do more harm than good. What the final results of the elections will be, though, no one knows.

Today on the other hand was the trial of the century. Egypt’s former president along with his sons, the minister of interior and his top associates, awaited the much-anticipated verdict, along with millions of people. It was unsatisfactory and unfair to say the least. Both the former president and minister of interior were sentenced to life in prison, which probably won’t happen, while the rest walked. Of course the result is more protests!!

How I feel about this whole thing and about the future of this place: Very Pessimistic! 

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