Mid-Semester Syndrome

For the past few weeks I haven’t written much; not that I haven’t had time, but I was honestly too lazy to do anything. For the past few days I’ve been telling myself get off your ass and write a blog entry or read the book you have to write a report about, but I end up doing absolutely nothing. Putting aside the fact that I’ve been on spring break for the past week and a half, and I don’t really like doing anything during spring break; I call this feeling of laziness and reluctance to do anything: the mid-semester syndrome.

Every semester for the past three years I get this feeling around the middle of the semester that I either don’t want to work or am overwhelmed with work that I would rather not do. This feeling leads to me wishing for a vacation, which once I get I realize is a colossal waste of time. I’m not sure why that happens, but it has been happening for so long that I now expect it.

This feeling is then followed by a detachment from reality and from the world around me. I start losing interest in everything going on in my life and immerse myself in the fictional world of movies and TV shows. Along with those I sometimes read novels or watch interviews with celebrities or documentaries. Ultimately I find myself physically in one place and psychologically in another. This feeling of detachment is calming and relaxing, but when it lasts longer than needed it becomes costly, because I end up losing a lot of time that could have been allocated for something more productive.   

Now that I’m on my last day of spring break and that the mid-semester syndrome, which has been going on since before spring break, is finally over; I can get back to my regular life. I have a book report to write about “The Kurdish Quasi-State”, wish me luck :).

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