Dilemma 14 (The Effects of Valentine’s Day)

She has never really believed in Valentine’s Day. “It’s a stupid excuse for a celebration, not to mention it’s a waste of money and adds pressure for no reason what so ever,” was what she always said. Some of her friends argue that that’s what single people say to make themselves feel less lonely on Valentine’s Day. But whether she was single or in a relationship, she has long given up on that day and he agreed with her

However she did in fact receive a gift on that dreaded day. Her friend, who had for some time had a crush on her, thought she deserved a present on that special day. She accepted it and thanked him; all the while blushing and thinking how this complicates her situation more than it needed to be complicated. She didn’t receive any gifts from him and he argued that they were never really in a relationship, when she asked him about where things between them are going. What he did do, however, was shamelessly flirt with her when they were out with their friends only a few days after that particular conversation.

She sat on her bed and listened to the cold winter wind howl, as she reviewed the facts that present themselves before her:

“One girl, two guys. One who is my friend and wants to be more than that. One who I want to be more than just my friend and is either afraid or not sure of what he wants. However, both are openly flirting with me. One is moving forward, while the other is holding back. One is straight forward; the other is playing me hot and cold and sending mixed messages. One I like as just a friend the other I like as more than just a friend. One I’m afraid of hurting while the other I’m afraid might hurt me. I’m also afraid of losing a friend in both cases. What am I to do?”

Her dog sat by her side as she pondered the fate of her romantic life, which has currently become agonizing to her, while watching Keira Knightly (Elizabeth Bennet) argue with Matthew Macfadyen (Mr. Darcy) in the rain in Pride and Prejudice.


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