20 Years, A Revolution & Cheesecake

Today is the day that every Egyptian is celebrating throughout the country, the day when the people had a voice, the day that restored dignity to every Egyptian, the day that lead to a vicious dictator being dethroned. A year ago today Egyptians were fighting for their rights and their freedom, but now they are celebrating a victory while voicing their concerns and demands. Even though the country hasn’t been in its best shape this past year, the historical achievement that took place was to an extent worth it.  But let us really review the events of the past year: 18 days of protests leading to the death of hundreds and the stepping down of the president, Strikes, protests and the destruction of public property and historical artifacts, an increase in inflation and unemployment rates, lack of security but on the upside fair parliamentary elections. The Egyptians were celebrating their victory today; I, on the other hand, was celebrating something completely different.

Twenty years ago I was born on, what is now, a historical day. So rather than celebrating the revolution, I celebrated ,my birthday. Last year I spent my birthday with my best friend, in my living room eating pizza and cheesecake while watching the news and tweeting. It was a very memorable birthday to be completely honest, but that wasn’t how I had planned on spending it. This year I celebrated my birthday with a group of my friends last Thursday; definitely an improvement from last year. I made sure that I have it earlier so my birthday doesn’t get ruined two years in a row.

Today I had the mouth-watering cheesecake that I had last year and spent my official birthday with my mom and my sister. Even though this year I actually had a birthday celebration nothing will ever top my 19th birthday. It was a unique and highly memorable experience, which made me feel a part of something bigger than me; something great. It made me feel that I was a part of history.

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