People are born free. As they grow up they become restricted by duties, obligations, the law and societal norms. As people grow up they are required to take on more responsibilities that will undoubtedly restrict their actions. That is the natural order of life; a fact that every person learns to accept with age. The law is the most formal restriction known to man. It is set by the government of any state as guidelines to maintain stability in the state. No laws will lead to anarchy, which will inevitably lead to chaos. The laws however do not direct a person’s morals, his ability to differentiate between right or wrong; God gave each of us a conscience for that. One’s conscience is one’s inner judge. People with no conscience, can feel no guilt and have no remorse for their actions, , have the law to answer to. That is not to say that everyone else isn’t subject to the law. I am merely saying that those people in particular will only be answering to the law, because their inner judge does not exist.

All of this however is not the real topic I would like to discuss. There is another factor that judges people and restricts their behavior and that is society; societal norms and values that are imbedded in every culture. In some cultures, like the one I live in for example, they are not only restrictive but oppressive. Of all of the restrictions mentioned above this, in my opinion, is the worst, because it is done by people who have no right to restrict anyone but themselves. These norms  are taught to a child at a young age, and as he/she grows up he/she is expected to live by those norms and values as well as conform to the society’s believes; whether that person likes it or not. It is ok if that person believes in those values and acts based on such beliefs.

The problem however occurs when that person doesn’t. You can say, why not rebel? The answer: rebellion has a lot of consequences, including being criticized and judged. In such an oppressive social system any word that is said or any action that is done may, unfortunately, have a negative connotation. Every person around you sets him/herself as a judge, which can easily make life suffocating and intolerable. Therefore the best way a person can be freed, is if he/she were released from the chains of the oppressive society. But if the people are oppressing each other there is no hope for freedom for anyone in such a culture.

2 thoughts on “Restrictions

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