Dilemma 11 (Other Plans)

“I have other plans.” A sentence that can be said when you want to avoid someone, a sentence that he used ever so often, a sentence that she stopped believing a long time ago. She couldn’t understand what the nature of their relationship, if you can even call it that, was. Sometimes he was a sweetheart, who would tell her exactly what she wanted to hear, and sometimes he was cold and distant. He wouldn’t call her for weeks at a time and sometimes avoid her calls or end the conversation abruptly and other times he would sweep her off her feet; even though in all honesty those times were quite rare. He drove her crazy that was the simplest explanation for the situation she was in.

After New Year’s they both got caught up with their own busy lives that they forgot temporarily about one another. She however thought it was about time they went out just the two of them, something they hadn’t done in quite some time. So she called him and got a response she didn’t expect and couldn’t have predicted.

“I’d love to. But unfortunately that wouldn’t be possible, because I’m going on a work trip in three days and I won’t be back until the end of the month. I was going to call you the day after tomorrow to tell you.”

‘One day before you left, that’s big of you,’ she thought.

“Have a safe trip then, and I’ll see you when you get back,” she said, while trying so hard to hide the irritation in her voice, and ended the call.

I really don’t understand what this is, or what he wants it to be,” she thought. “If he just wants to fool around, then he chose the wrong girl. Because that is really not what I want, I’ve done it once before and I’m not doing it again. Plus I felt nothing more than contempt for that guy and we both knew that. But I really like him, and he knows that. So what I don’t understand is why he’s being like this.”

Even though it was late, she was restless and couldn’t sleep. So she threw a coat over her pyjamas, a pair of gloves and a pair of boots, strapped the leash her dog’s collar and walked out the door. The city lights were all on, but the stores were closed and the neighborhood was quiet. There were barely any cars on the street. It was the perfect time to clear her head, as the cool wind hit her face. The lights at the cupcake store a couple of blocks away were on. The store owner was a friend and would open the store especially for her, if it was closed and she was inside.

“Hey dear, what are you doing out so late?” asked the store owner sweetly.

“I needed some fresh air,” she replied.

“Would you like something to drink?”

“Hot chocolate please, thank you,” she answered. “And can I have a blueberry cupcake as well?”

“Of course, dear” she said warmly.

While enjoying her hot chocolate and cupcake, she chatted a bit with the store owner, which took her mind off him. It was such a comfort; one she desperately needed. About half an hour later she got up to leave and the store owner locked the shop. She then wandered the streets aimlessly for almost an hour until she found herself back where she started; in front of her apartment building with her beloved dog. They both went upstairs and slept soundly.


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