Dilemma 10 (Happy New Year!)

She woke up the next morning hoping that the events of the previous night were all a dream. But as she recalled those events she soon realized that they weren’t. She was disgusted with herself and what she had done. Even though she believed that the reasons that drove her to perform such an act were valid, they still didn’t excuse her behavior. She felt that she had been in a dream for the past few weeks and that his phone call was the only thing that woke her up, like a bucket of cold freezing water.

She lazily dragged herself out of bed and tried to forget that those past few weeks ever happened. But the harder she tried, the harder it all hit her and the more she remembered every detail as if it was happening right at that moment. After having her morning coffee on an empty stomach and serving breakfast to her dog, which followed her back into the bedroom after it ate, she returned back to the comfort of her bed. There, she sat and recalled the past couple of weeks which led to tears quickly running down her cheeks. She had been miserable and alone for quiet sometime now. She remembered the long lonely nights as well as every time someone implied that she wasn’t enough; not good enough, not talented enough, not pretty enough or simply not enough. The more she thought about it the harder she cried. Her dog, which lay right by her side, whimpered as if feeling her pain. After about an hour of crying she decided she needed to cheer herself up, because nothing was worth it. With that intension in mind, she watched the final seasons of ‘Friends’ for the twentieth time. She laughed her ass off at Chandler’s sarcastic comments, Phoebe’s quirkiness, Rachel’s air-headedness and Monica’s multiple OCDs. The hilarious sitcom calmed her down and put her mind at ease.

A few hours later she realized it was time to jump in the shower and start getting ready. With flat-iron hair, smoky eye makeup and an ivory sequin strapless mini dress, she walked through the door throwing on a coat and a scarf on her way out of the apartment. Her stilettos clacked as they hit the marble floors at her friend’s apartment. She threw her coat and scarf at the nearest chair, allowing her dark hair to contrast with the light color of the dress, and greeted her friends.

“You look gorgeous,” she heard him say from behind her.

“Thank you” she replied, feeling truly grateful to see him. The music was load and everyone was dancing, laughing and having a great time; as usual her friend threw a party worth the name.

“10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!” everyone screamed and at that exact moment his lips found hers; that was the cherry on top of a magical night.

“You take my breath away,” he finally said, after they unlocked their lips, and took her into his arms.


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