Dilemma 8 (The Fight)

During a dinner with her friends her phone rang and it was none other than him. After nearly two weeks of not hearing from him, he finally called her back. She was both happy and annoyed. Before she could even ask him how he’s been, he starts yelling at her for no apparent reason. She excused herself and went to the bathroom in order to talk more freely, without her friends overhearing their conversation. He tells her that she’s been ignoring him and that he’s wanted to see her for a while, but she never tells him when she’s going out with her friends.

“Is he out of his damn mind?” she thought. “I’m the one who’s been ignoring him? Honestly, is he crazy?”

“Am I the one who’s supposed to ask you out?” she asked after he stopped screaming at her. “You’re the one who doesn’t pick up his phone when I call, which is precisely why I stopped calling. If you really want to talk me you would pick up your fucking phone and call, and if you really wanted to see me you would ask me out like decent person.” The tension rose between them and after twenty minutes of quarreling, the heated argument ended abruptly. The fight produced two losers, for neither one of them got what they wanted in the end. As for her she was still confused about the origin of this entire argument, which still made no sense to her whatsoever.

As the night came to a close she was frustrated and furious. His argument was spontaneous and irrational and left her as usual frantic and confused. And as the amount of time they spend apart increases, so does the distance between them. Back in the comfort of her bed, she rested with an uneasy feeling that if the tension between them is not resolved soon; she may end up doing something she might regret.


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