I love the calm and the quiet that fall over the house, when there is no one residing in it but me. It is truly serene. This calmness helps to relax and think clearly. It feels so good. I’m generally stressed or worried or bored or lazy or angry or frustrated but never calm or relaxed for that matter. That’s why there’s nowhere else I’d rather be but right here; in bed under my blanket with this warm, delicious cup of hot chocolate.

Since I was alone all day, I was able to catch-up on some reading; something I unfortunately was unable to do for months now, because when I have classes I neither have the time nor the mental capacity for it.  I read The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson, a classic that is definitely worth reading. I’ve stopped reading contemporary literature for a while; mostly because I feel it’s about time I read the classics. The story was written and set in the late 1800s. It’s an exciting thriller that highlights the most basic of human conflicts: the struggle between good and evil. The author tells a riveting tale of two men, while deeply exploring the boundaries of temptation. I realized that I’ve become more analytical when I read; something I never used to do, but am very proud of myself for being able to accomplish.

This was the first of three books that I’m hoping to finish by the end of my winter break.  If I have more days like today and I spend more time during those days with my nose in a book rather than behind a computer screen, I will hopeful achieve that goal. Anyway now that I’m done with the book I will enjoy another tale set in the late 1800s: Sherlock Holmes starring Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law and Rachel McAdams. 🙂

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