Too Random For Words

Yesterday was my sister’s high school graduation. It was a blast; I really enjoyed it. It’s always nice to see people get all cleaned up and wear fancy clothes. I also straightened my hair and wore an amazing strapless little black dress, which I would’ve much rather worn at my own graduation but that didn’t happen.

These are just random facts about last night but let me tell you how those last two days went. I woke up at 3:30am yesterday because I had 1000 words out of 4000 written of my history paper. I spent all morning comparing Russian anarchists to Stalin’s Russia, thankfully my sister stayed over at a friend’s house so I had the room to myself. I was down 700 words when I had to stop writing and start getting ready, putting into consideration that I did other things that morning. I had flat-iron hair, dark pink lips, smoky eye make-up and silver nails. The traffic was horrid on our way there, but we managed to make it on time. The ceremony itself was great. On the way home all I could think about were the 700 words I have left on that damn history paper and the fact that it was due at midnight. I got home at 10:30pm, had a burger and fries for dinner with my cousin and got back to work. And I miraculously managed to finish the paper on time. I of course was sleeping behind my computer screen but I DID IT!!! I was so proud of myself, not to mention relieved that this paper along with the entire semester was finally over.

This morning my sister told me all about her night and we flipped through the pictures that were taken last night, at the ceremony not the after party. Up until that point everything was fine, I then got very angry and went through a brief phase of self-pity (reasons behind that will not be discussed). I was annoyed with this guy I know for a while, he’s delightful (note: I’m rolling my eyes as I write this). Now I shall tell you all about the cure for all of my problems, comfort food and television.

I went to the supermarket in my pyjamas, I might add. Through on a pair of boot and a coat over them and that was it; something I have never done before, but what the hell who gives a fuck. Anyway I bought noodles and chocolate (aka comfort food). I spent the rest of the day in bed watching “The Big Bang Theory” and not thinking about boys, my life (social or personal), classes, work or anything for that matter.

PS: Listening to very random songs, seriously! 🙂

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