Time, is the most valuable commodity any person can have. Time isn’t a clock on a wall; it’s the moments you spend in your life. It’s the intangible jewel that is worth more than any stone, metal, real-estate, anything you name it. We waste so much time without even realizing it. You wake up in the morning and suddenly it’s the middle of the afternoon and you wonder where the day has gone.

I’m one of those people who waste time religiously. I generally don’t realize the value of time except when I don’t have it. I do things in the last possible second and I usually rush my work, something I’m not entirely proud of. That’s why I generally feel guiltier about the time I waste than satisfied with the work I’ve accomplished, also because the ratio is usually 2:1. Back to the value of time, what is a minute out of sixty wasted browsing the internet, one might think, what is an hour out of 24 spent watching a video. But when that minute passes and when that hour is gone you can never bring it back. And that’s the real trick with time, that where it’s true value lies: it’s irreversible. All the movies that discuss traveling through time or going back in time are made because people wish they could take back a second that has passed in their lives.

The movie In Time discusses the theme of time in a manner that is entirely appropriate to this topic, time as currency. Once you run out of time you’re dead, which come to think of it is really how it is in real life; not in the twisted sense it’s done in the movie but the basic idea is definitely true. This movie fits the dystopian theme that many other great works of art like 1984, A Clockwork Orange and Fahrenheit 451 belong to. But rather than focusing on political aspects in society it focuses on the more on the economy. How the poor starve to death because the prices are always escalating, though in this case they don’t starve they just die. Anyway the details of the movie are irrelevant right now, the only reason I mentioned it was because of that idea that time is used as the source of income and life.

Every second wasted is a second you will never get back. Advice for I am giving myself, first, as well as everyone else. On that note I have already wasted a good four hours, that I can’t afford to lose, doing god knows what; when I should be working on my history paper.

Movie Recommendation: In Time

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