Dilemma 4 (Middle of the Night)

Ring! Ring! The sound of her phone woke her up in the middle of the night. She didn’t even bother switching on the light, because she knew if she did she would never be able to go back to sleep. As she reached for her phone, she accidentally pushed it off the side table; the fall caused the ringing to stop. She was relieved.

“Now I can go back to sleep,” she thought “who the hell calls someone at this hour anyway?”

About three seconds later she received a text message. Irritated she picked her phone off the floor. “I miss you” was all the text read. She smiled. As she squinted over her phone she realized that that was the first time they were in contact since that unfortunate outing. “Worst outing in relationship history,” she thought, recalling the incident.

“Hey,” she heard his voice say on the other end of the phone.

“Hey,” she replied. Her voice was barely audible.

They spoke for what seemed like two hours, about everything except their relationship (if one can even call it that). All the while she thought “Why do I need to be the one with the dick in this pseudo-relationship? Is it me? Am I a control freak? Or is there something wrong with him? I know for a fact that he’s more of a man than any of my last boyfriends. Maybe that’s the problem? Or maybe I’m attracted to douche-bags? But the thing is he’s not. However I’m the one who needs to initiate every step in this relationship, that’s of course assuming we’re even in one.

All those questions kept running around in her hear, however her train of thought was cut by his final question “When can I see you again? It’s been a while don’t you think?”

“Soon,” she responded and with that she ended the conversation and went back to sleep.


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