Why I Hate the Winter

Putting aside the fact that my birthday is in the winter and that I love wearing boots and tights, I really and truly detest this season. And here is why:

  1. It’s fucking cold and I don’t like being cold
  2. You have to wear 19 layers of clothes when you go out. Making you look like an inflated balloon, and then you need to take a few of these layers off when you’re indoors and then put them in again when you’re outdoors. Such a hassle!
  3. You can never sit outdoors
  4. I get very lazy in the winter. Don’t ever want to leave my bed let alone the house.
  5. It’s dark most of the day, which is very depressing. I love the sun.
  6. The FLU!!!!!

More than anything in the world, I hate getting a cold. Unfortunately I, for some reason, have not immunity against the flu. Therefore I have the flu often. The reason why I’m writing this is because I have a cold right now plus a fever, which of course is the reason behind the migraine I’ve had since last night.

Songs of the Week:

Rihanna – Roc Me Out

Rihanna – Cockiness 


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