Dramatic Romance

I know that this entry in entitled dramatic romance, but I won’t be discussing romance in my life. Because to be completely honest, this is not a topic I’m generally comfortable discussing online.  I try to keep my personal life as private as possible, mostly because I think it’s no one’s business. So for anyone who thought they would be reading about my crush or relationship or anything of the sort, sorry to disappoint you.

The real topic of this entry is in fact romance in movies. I’m kind of a sappy romantic, always was; it’s sad I know. But it’s the reason why, I’m one of those people who love watching romantic movies. But not romantic comedies, where there is a guy who realizes he’s in love with his best friend who’s marrying/in a relationship with some other guy and he has to work hard to win her over and then they live happily ever after. That’s just pathetic, and you can only watch these movies in the summer when you have nothing better to do. No the kind of movies I’m talking about are the ones that are deeper and more tragic. I don’t really believe in happily ever after or true love. I did when I was a child, but not anymore. I believe that life’s a bitch and then you die. That’s why I believe that there are some moments in a person’s life that are priceless, and that should be treasured and you should never let them slip away.

I love romantic dramas, which have the unlikeliest relationships. Where one of the characters is always damaged and the other somehow saves them, where all the odds are against both of them but they make it work at least for a little while. Movies, where the ending is generally never happy but to some extent realistic, movies that are tragic but truthful, movies that can make you laugh and cry and feel really feel; these are my favorite films. Their themes are universal and anyone can relate to them.

The moments I truly love are when the two main characters fall in love and are actually together even when they shouldn’t, and when they are thinking about one another even when they are in different continents. These forbidden and tragic instants are why I even watch romantic dramas; they’re what make them phenomenal. Mostly because they are able to arouse emotions in you that you may not even knew you had, because they always had a moment of light in the darkness, because there is also always a moment of hope that is worth more than every tragic scene. Romantic dramas, I believe, are the most truthful, most genuine, most beautiful and most emotional type of films. They give me something that I can never find in the real world, genuine moments of true passionate love.

Must Listen to Song: One Republic – Secrets 

2 thoughts on “Dramatic Romance

  1. Ah, I know what you mean. Luckily (or unluckily?) enough, I’m in a relationship that would very much fit to be a romantic drama, actually an Egyptian soap opera, except that the hero and heroine actually are helplessly in love with each other and don’t just send each other corny text messages or whatever. My boyfriend is anything but the corny Egyptian type, I love him, and I could go on about that forever so I’ll spare you an eight-page description of his awesomeness right now, but the feelings we have for each other, the experiences we have together and the things we do when we spend time together fit into the romantic drama-ish category, while the whole us-wanting-to-get-married part fits in the soap opera thing. I hate the whole Egyptian social construction, it’s such a strain on our relationship, but it also makes it stronger…anyway, nice blog.


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