Dilemma 2 (Why boys drive you crazy?)

After weeks of being in a different time-zone, she was finally able to hear his voice. She was the first person he called as soon as he landed, that’s what he told her at least. The phone call was short and to the point, she had thought. “Hey sweetie I really missed you. I’m sorry I won’t be able to meet you tonight because I exhausted, but I’ll call you tomorrow and we can meet then,” he said. The conversation however couldn’t have been vaguer, a point she didn’t realize until later the next night.

She had a fairly regular day. However the only thing that made it seem more than that was the idea that she was finally going to see him that night. By the time the clock struck 5:00 she had become restless. Pacing around the room, her eyes were glued to her phone.

“Why hasn’t he called yet?” she said

“He said he would call, then he’ll definitely call, right?” this question was addressed to her dog who‘s eyes were following her around the room

At around 7:00pm she went from being excited to being annoyed.

“He still hasn’t called!!!” she screamed.

“Should I call him?”

“No, I won’t.”

“Maybe his phone isn’t working, or he had to work late tonight.”

“Why do I always give him excuses?  Sometimes I hate myself for doing that.”

As she obsessed over the fact that he hasn’t yet called her, she knew in the back of her head that he won’t and that she was driving herself crazy for no good reason. She however kept on complaining and yelling at her poor defenseless dog, who at that point was more annoyed with her than she could ever be with anyone. The dog then jumped off the couch and walked out of the room; that was the only thing that finally shut her up and put things into perspective.

“Even he can’t stand my whining,” she thought. “What happened to me? When did I become one of those ‘why hasn’t he called’ girls?”

“That’s pathetic,” she said in a disgusted tone. She was ashamed of herself and her juvenile and immature behavior. For the rest of the night she focused on her work, which she had put aside hours ago.


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