Dilemma 1 (How It All Began)

She rested her arms on the ledge in her balcony, staring vacantly at the noisy city. This was the first time she has ever been put in such a position. She wrapped her hair around her finger several times as her brain went back and forth. “I hate love-triangles,” she thought “then again this is the first time I’ve ever been in one. I was the go-to girl for relationship advice, even when I had never been in one. For some reason my friends always turned to me when they had guy troubles, and now that I have some of my own I can’t find a solution, that’s pathetic!”

She had two guys in her life right now. One she had known for years and she truly liked and knew liked her back. “I have never felt that way before about anyone. Not even my ex; certainly not my ex,” she thought. The other was a friend of hers, who shamelessly flirted with her, and had no idea she has feelings for someone else.

“It’s my fault; I should’ve told him that I have feelings for someone. I’ll tell him”

“But what if…”

A knock on the door cut off her train of thought.  It was the pizza delivery man. She handed him the money, took the box, collapsed on the couch and began devouring her delicious pizza. “What took him so long, I swear I felt I was going to faint,” she said aloud; half to herself and half to her dog who was resting quietly next to her on the couch. Pizza was the perfect distraction from her problem. Concentrating on her food and she untangled the dog’s hair as she ran her fingers through it, letting her problem rest at the back of her head for the time being.


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