Ranting II

Should be working on my Political Economy paper which is 2 weeks over-due!!!! But instead I’m checking my mail, complaining with my sister, who has an economics exam on 7 chapters: FUCK, tweeting and blogging as usual. I don’t know why I find it more enjoyable to blog at random hours of the day especially when I should be working. Came home at 9:30pm from college last night, which I’ve more times than I can care to count, believe me, but last night I was supposed to be working on the paper I’m supposed to be working on right now. Somehow I ended up doing my history assignment instead; at least I got that out-of-the-way.

Why is my pronunciation always clearer in my head and especially when I’m writing? Weird :S

“Enunciate!” Which movie is that in? Why do I always have random movie quotes and tunes from various songs running around in my head? Never mind, completely irrelevant.

The thing about this paper is; I don’t dislike the topic. In fact I enjoy this topic. You would think writing a research paper about trash, quite literally, is boring but it’s not- I swear spell check has fucked up my spelling more than it’s already fuck up. Anyway back to the paper because I’ve given myself 5 more minutes for this blog entry until I have to go continue working the paper.  It’s about hazardous waste –trash like I’ve mentioned before- however I enjoy studying environmental issues. They’re very interesting at least more interesting that governmental policies. I would much rather be doing something more artistic but what the hell. At least I’m doing well for the most part.

Time’s up!!

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