Woke up at 2:30 this morning, over two hours later all I did was read 2 pages. What I’m supposed to be doing: working on my history assignment or doing research. What I’m actually doing: blogging, watching Julie and Julia, checking Facebook, tweeting and just browsing the internet.  This movie always makes me hungry even though I can’t eat at all. Because guess what I had for breakfast, at 3:00 am: liver, coffee and a chocolate bar. Extremely random I know.

History Reading topics: Terrorism, communist manifestos, the Red army and the IRA. Very intriguing topics for 5:00 am I know. I also haven’t started my research paper for my children’s literature class yet. I can actually feel my brain swell whenever I think about the amount of work I have to do. And the real problem is the more work I have; the more reluctant I am to do it.

The internet is also very slow, which is really getting on my nerves. My headphones are not working and there’s something wrong with my iTunes. And don’t even get me started on my blackberry internet service. What is the point of having all these technological devices in your life if they are just not going to work?

Mark Wahlberg: “Maybe, maybe not, maybe fuck yourself. My theory on feds is that they’re like mushrooms, feed ‘em shit and keep them in the dark.” – The Departed

Yet another morning wasted. Well that’s all for today.

Song of the Day: I’m Shipping Up to Boston

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