Music and the Last Couple of Days

I don’t know whether it’s because I’m hormonal, lonely or just tired of my life, but for the past couple of days I’ve been bored of my
life and uninterested in everything in it. That isn’t highly uncommon for me. Every once in a while that tends to happen especially around the middle of each semester, when I become fed up of school and uninterested in what I’m studying.That’s when I turn to the people who’ve succeed in their lives. When I look at the people who’ve made something out of their lives it empowers me. However it makes me more confused about what I want than I already am.

Music is generally what I turn to for relief, because it manages to drown out all the noise around me and my entire surrounding environment; transporting me to a whole other place. I love this feeling; the feeling that I can be anywhere and anyone by just putting my headphones on. Unfortunately that either makes me completely numb or I begin to feel everything and believe that
rush of emotions isn’t always that great.

I don’t feel passionate about anything I’m doing lately. I’m uninspired, exhausted and quite lazy these days and I’m days for a few days off. The vacation I’m taking next week is useless because it’s not much of a vacation since I have papers and projects to worry about rather than relaxing or traveling or something. I realize that I’m whining but I honestly feel like a zombie right now. I can’t think or work or anything, all I want to do is stare a computer screen and listen to music all day.

Not being passionate about what I’m doing worries and scares me. Because I’m the kind of person who likes to plan ahead and when I have no substance then there’s nothing to plan and begin to feel very empty. That feeling of emptiness depresses me and puts me in a sort of a haze, where I’m living my life but I can neither see nor feel anything around me. Music, and sometimes
movies, is the only thing that can make me feel anything again and that can allow to express any form of emotions.

Artist of the Week: Enrique Iglesias

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