Two nights ago I was watching Chocolat starring Juliette Binoche, Judi Dench, Alfred Molina & Johnny Depp. It’s set in a little French town in the 1950s. Without getting into too many details it’s an amazing movie that you must watch. The movie’s greatest appeal is the CHOCOLATE and Johnny Depp, obviously, but I am more concerned with the chocolate right now.

The movie’s focal point is chocolate, the character’s lives are tailored around it and so is the plot. To each character chocolate represents something different whether it’s passion, hope, love, life, change or even something forbidden. The satisfaction that the characters receive through eating chocolate is inexplicable and unattainable in any other way. That was how chocolate was represented in Chocolat. Let me tell you what chocolate represents for me.

Chocolate is my cure for pretty much everything from cramps to mood swings to depression to heartache. It is probably the only kind of food that can bring true joy to a person’s life. The almost erotic sensation that you get as it melts in your mouth is worth killing for. Or the marvelous magical feeling you get as it slowly slides down your throat; leaving you wanting more. Or just the way it looks sitting in the window of a ‘chocolaterie’ as you pass by; calling for you, drawing you in.  In Chocloat you can witness the magic of making this heavenly dessert from nothing more than a plant, the coco bean (god bless it). After grinding the beans, adding milk and mixing them (there are probably a few other steps in between but I don’t really care for them at the moment) you get the extraordinary miracle known as: chocolate.

I consider chocolate a solution to all problems, a very small simple dessert that can end wars and cheer up the most bitter of people (I am aware that I went a little too far with this hyperbole, but if the exaggeration helps prove my point I make it). It exists in different forms: white, dark, milk, flavored, incorporated in drinks and baked goods and more. It is life. However I would not advise diabetics to go anywhere near it. Even though there is such a thing as too much chocolate, there is no such thing as enough chocolate, I mean how can one calculate when the amount of pleasure they have received is enough? As for me if the world was coming to an end and it was that last day ever I would spend that day eating endless amounts of chocolate & shopping, but that’s a whole other story…

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