This is my third and hopefully my last blog, the last two were a complete bust, mostly because I wasn’t committed to writing and they were too random. Therefore I could never get myself to conjure up a topic to write about. Anyway that was the past that is
why I’ve decided to come up with a theme for my blog. The inspiration came from ‘Julie & Julia’, originally a book written by Julie Powell that was then made into a movie starring Meryl Streep (Julia Child), Amy Adams (Julie Powell), Stanly Tucci (Paul Child) –don’t you just love saying his name – & Chris Messina (Eric Powell). Even though both themes (hers was food) are completely unrelated, I consider this brief introduction to be a bridge between this particular movie and my theme:

Art with all of its forms, whether its movies, theater, music, dance, literature (including novels, short stories, plays…etc), paintings, sculptures, fashion (no matter all you skeptics say it is a glamorous form of art and self-expression) and more, affects us and we can relate to ourselves and our lives. It can also be criticized or related to one another.

Using this theme as the backbone of this blog, I will start reviewing, reflecting on and relating to all the art that surrounds my everyday life; along with some rambling, whining, complaining and talking about myself and my life in general. However I will try
as much as possible to keep it about the art, as not to annoy whoever will take some time out of his/her busy day and decide to read this. Not that I actually care; this blog is meant more for me than anyone else, I sound very narcissistic I’m aware of that. One last remark on the topic at hand: art is the beauty in life that one should always embrace. 🙂

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