Ranting IX Thursday, Apr 3 2014 

Today is Parent’s Day at work, which means I literally have no work to do. I work as a teaching assistant for Year 6. Not the best job in the world, but certainly better than most other jobs. I love the kids I work with and I want to kill some of them simultaneously, the teachers are sweet, I have a ton of vacations and I get home at a decent hour. So all in all not bad. That being said, I’m very BORED right now! So far I’m spending my day between chatting with some of the teachers, when they aren’t talking to parents, roaming around and sitting on the computer. It’s going to be a long, dull day, but I expected that.


I’m looking forward to this weekend; I’m doing MUN with my sister. She has a shortage in delegates and I’m experienced and really miss it. For anyone who doesn’t know what MUN is, it stands for Model United Nations. And it entails constructing a miniature version of several UN councils. After discussing certain topics for several weeks, the members are assigned delegations. They pose as representatives of their assigned countries during the conference, debate the topics and present a formally written resolutions in the end. As a whole the experience enhances one’s research and public speaking skills. Plus you learn a lot about current world issues and get to dress up in formal wear.


Once again, I AM BORED!!!!!

Finding Yourself Saturday, Mar 15 2014 

“I can’t find myself”. “I don’t know what I want to be”. Clichés. Sentences said by many young people after they graduate from school and college. But the reason why they’re clichés is because they’re true. Some people know, they just know, what they’re supposed to be. They don’t let anyone or anything stand in their way. While others struggle to find their place in the world, literally and figuratively, they wander aimlessly through life. Some of these wanderers may have an ultimate goal, but are taking a longer time to reach it. Others have no goals and no ideas of their true purpose in life. I pity those people.

I thankfully have a broad idea of where I would like my life to end-up. But taking that road is the truly difficult part. I don’t want a traditional life. I don’t dream of sitting on a desk for eight hours punching in numbers and getting a paycheck in the end of the month. That would kill me. I hope for some adventure. I would like to explore the world. And write.

I was asked once whether or not I would want a career. That depends on how you define the word career. If you are referring to a climb on the corporate ladder, which would inflate my bank account and suck years out of my life, then no. But if you are talking about growing in a specific field and succeeding in it, whatever it may be and however much it may pay, then yes. I would like some resemblance of a career. Most importantly though, I want a life!

In the Spirit of International Women’s Day, Let’s Talk About Men Saturday, Mar 8 2014 

Originally posted on The Olive Column:

I know it seems a little unconventional.

International Women’s Day is a celebration of women’s achievements and a way of inspiring women to do more, and stand in the face of discrimination. Within the context of a global event intended to address gender discrimination and oppression since the early 20th century, there should be some degree of concern about sexism, however it may manifest itself. While women continue to face gross acts of violence on a scale that is quite shameful at this day and age, innocent advocates of women’s rights and female solidarity may actually be inadvertently practising sexism and reinforcing the very stereotypes they hope to abolish.

ImageHow often do you see generic posts on social media, highlighting how women are cleaner, more organised, more beautiful, can be bitchy as much as they want … and so on and so forth? We can have a few laughs…

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Conceptual Self Portraits by Laura Williams Sunday, Mar 2 2014 


18-Year-Old Photographer’s Spectacular Conceptual Self-Portraits

When Agents Wave the Red Flag Saturday, Mar 1 2014 

When Agents Wave the Red Flag.

In a Shell Thursday, Feb 27 2014 

In a Shell

Darkness Lie Ahead Monday, Feb 24 2014 



She ran through the forest, alone, with nothing but a backpack. The backpack contained her life: the past, the present, the future all squeezed into that small bag. The path grew narrower as the trees grew thicker. But she continued to run faster and faster until her legs could barely support her any longer. Why was she running? She didn’t know. There was no one chasing her, no one threatening her yet she felt the need to escape. Her heart beat quickly; she breathed unevenly. She put her family and her friends behind her to embark on an insane, unpredictable journey to the unknown.

As the darkness began to scare her, she decided to rest and start again when the sun was up. She chose a tree to lie underneath and used her bag as a pillow. Curling her body into the fetal position, she tried to sleep. Ominous noises echoing across the forest made her task nearly impossible. Every time she tried to relax and allow herself to sleep, the distant sound of a hooting owl or the howl of a wolf would startle her. The grass below her was soft and comforting, the soft winds were cooling, but the fear overcame her senses. She couldn’t rest so long as it was inside of her. It was fear that forced her to run. She didn’t know which was more frightful, though, the forest, her former life or her indefinite future?

All she knew was this: she would be dead if she hadn’t left. Not dead in the literal sense, but figuratively speaking that was the path she was walking towards. As dangerous as her choice was it was exciting and essential. She couldn’t bear her life any longer; the monotony along with the extreme waves of change. One day she decided it was enough. The forest signified the end of the city. It separated the enclosed man-made structure from the wilderness; at least this was how she perceived it. She was born and raised in that city and not once had she ever been to the forest. But the day she decided to leave was when she learned she was destined to cross the woods and see for herself what was really on the other side.

The night crawled with unfriendly creatures; killer beasts and venomous beings. Where they hid or if they even existed where she slept? She had no idea. She prayed for the night to end quickly and safely. The sound of her heart in her ear felt like a ticking clock, every beat bringing her closer to sunrise. To say she slept that night would have been a lie. But at dawn she was wide awake, anxious and enthusiastic about the start of a new day. She walked slowly, trying desperately to let go of her fear. The terror residing in the night before was forgotten when the tender morning sunrays hit her face. Hours passed until she finally caught a glimpse of what lie on the other side of the once mysterious forest.

Glipho Photo Challenge #2

Surreal Travel Locations Friday, Feb 21 2014 

Surreal Travel Locations

DVF: JOURNEY OF A DRESS Wednesday, Feb 19 2014 

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photo 3-7
For VDay with B, I finally got to check out Diane von Furstenberg’s Journey of a Dress  exhibit at LACMA.   And two things for the record: we visited Endeavour at the California Science Museum first, and Bry ended up enjoying the DVF exhibit just as much as I did.   Unfortunately, I can’t post any of his selfies.
photo 1-3

photo 2-3


photo 4-4

photo 2-5

photo 3-9




photo 2-4

photo 5-4






photo 3-8

photo 5-5

The Journey is on until April 1st, for anyone thats in LA. It’s a must-see dress heaven full of vibrant colors and perfectly clashing prints, inspiration, and women empowerment. And like all best things in life, it’s free.


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Silence Wednesday, Feb 19 2014 

Between every word ever said

A thousand more, heard but not uttered


In the silence lies the truth

That which is often concealed

The one that only the quiet can reveal


A motion, a glance, a smile

Rarely hides what words deny

Through the cracks of every phrase

Run the meanings that no one says


With facts always known

And acts protected, never shown

While relying heavily on senses

Rather than explanations that might create messes


An understanding that cannot be described

Awaits in peacefulness, where noise does not reside

Words unsaid are the most powerful of all

The silence holds stories told and never told

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