Desire Saturday, Aug 16 2014 


Passing World Saturday, Aug 16 2014 


Lebanon 2014 Sunday, Aug 10 2014 

I spent a week in Lebanon with a friend of mine and I thought I should share some photos with you. 20140802_125633 20140802_125731 20140802_130154 20140802_142236 20140802_142418 20140802_142426 20140802_142440 20140802_142943 20140802_143346 20140802_144312 20140802_145327 20140802_145358 20140802_161900 20140802_162319 20140802_162608 20140802_162918 20140802_164751 20140803_143730 20140803_153416 20140803_153740 20140803_153817 20140803_162804 20140803_175103 20140803_181522 20140803_182748 20140804_130142 20140804_130514 DSC02628 DSC02632 DSC02678 DSC02685 DSC02689 DSC02726  DSC02758 DSC02766 DSC02785 DSC02799 DSC02805 DSC02810 DSC02816 DSC02830 DSC02913 DSC02949 DSC03018

3rd Anniversary!! Saturday, Jun 28 2014 

This is An Artist at Heart‘s third anniversary. My baby is growing up. Awww! Yes I’m aware that I just referred to a virtual outlet as my baby, but it’s the truth. I’ve nurtured it and seen it grow over the years and it makes me proud of myself, as I will always be with every year that passes. While this year was less productive in terms of  the actual progress of the blog, there is a reason behind that. As you’ve all seen, or at least those of you that have been fans of the blog for over a year, I graduated from college last year. And since then my life has been topsy-turvy. It’s common for most fresh graduates to not know what they want after graduation or what life  would hand them. I was blessed, though, to find a job shortly after the summer was over.

Anyway with all that has been going on, I haven’t had much time or to be more accurate much inspiration to blog. In addition I’ve been working on some external writing projects that are currently a priority. Hopefully I will return to blogging on a more regular basis soon. So stay with me and bear with me. And here’s to another year to come.

Ebony Wednesday, Jun 4 2014 


Ranting X (Summer Heat) Wednesday, Jun 4 2014 

This post is literally about the heat wave we have today in Cairo. It is over 45 degrees Celsius and I feel faint. The weather is dry and dusty and I can barely breath. I can’t wait to go home. The day is ending soon, so is this week! I want to sleep in air conditioning, that is the only thing I need right this second. Two and a half more weeks and the year will be over. Summer Vacation!!

The weather is intolerable. You’d think I hadn’t lived here my whole life; I’m speaking as I have never witnessed summer in Cairo. But it’s getter worse. People have been celebrating since last night, after the results of the presidential elections were announced. I’m not optimistic. People think the new  president is our savior, but skeptical. I won’t believe the speeches and promises until I see actual results. For three and a half years people have been doing nothing but talking!

Anyway back to the weather. I would love a pool. Swimming is my favorite summer activity, which I get very little of. There’s nothing more refreshing than feeling the cool water against your  hot skin. Actually I would prefer the beach. The sea is far more beautiful than any pool.

I have to go though. I might discuss this topic more later, or not.

Fictional Future Monday, Apr 21 2014 

It’s no secret that I have always been a fan of fiction, be it as a written literary work or a motion picture. Delving into a world that is not real is appealing to me. While I enjoy more realistic fiction to fantasy or science-fiction, the fact the events have not and probably would not happen in reality is a comfort. I immerse myself in the character’s lives to the extent that I forget about my own life, which I guess is the whole point. However this is quite dangerous, because after a while you start to forget that you owe reality a lot.

It’s easy to escape from the worries and troubles and doubts that life hands you. But the more you run away the further you are from dealing with them. What I’m saying is not new; it has been said thousands of times. But I’m talking about myself, about how for the past year I ignored my future and pretended like it will sort itself out without me needing to do anything. I lost myself. For over a month now I’ve done something even worse, I put my passions aside. I stopped writing, stopped imagining, just stopped!

But I’m hoping all of this will change soon. I’m hoping that I will wake up and throw myself back into my work. Start creating again. I need to stop running away and start focusing on my future once more.


Song of the Week: Sara Bareilles – Brave  

Ranting IX Thursday, Apr 3 2014 

Today is Parent’s Day at work, which means I literally have no work to do. I work as a teaching assistant for Year 6. Not the best job in the world, but certainly better than most other jobs. I love the kids I work with and I want to kill some of them simultaneously, the teachers are sweet, I have a ton of vacations and I get home at a decent hour. So all in all not bad. That being said, I’m very BORED right now! So far I’m spending my day between chatting with some of the teachers, when they aren’t talking to parents, roaming around and sitting on the computer. It’s going to be a long, dull day, but I expected that.


I’m looking forward to this weekend; I’m doing MUN with my sister. She has a shortage in delegates and I’m experienced and really miss it. For anyone who doesn’t know what MUN is, it stands for Model United Nations. And it entails constructing a miniature version of several UN councils. After discussing certain topics for several weeks, the members are assigned delegations. They pose as representatives of their assigned countries during the conference, debate the topics and present a formally written resolutions in the end. As a whole the experience enhances one’s research and public speaking skills. Plus you learn a lot about current world issues and get to dress up in formal wear.


Once again, I AM BORED!!!!!

Finding Yourself Saturday, Mar 15 2014 

“I can’t find myself”. “I don’t know what I want to be”. Clichés. Sentences said by many young people after they graduate from school and college. But the reason why they’re clichés is because they’re true. Some people know, they just know, what they’re supposed to be. They don’t let anyone or anything stand in their way. While others struggle to find their place in the world, literally and figuratively, they wander aimlessly through life. Some of these wanderers may have an ultimate goal, but are taking a longer time to reach it. Others have no goals and no ideas of their true purpose in life. I pity those people.

I thankfully have a broad idea of where I would like my life to end-up. But taking that road is the truly difficult part. I don’t want a traditional life. I don’t dream of sitting on a desk for eight hours punching in numbers and getting a paycheck in the end of the month. That would kill me. I hope for some adventure. I would like to explore the world. And write.

I was asked once whether or not I would want a career. That depends on how you define the word career. If you are referring to a climb on the corporate ladder, which would inflate my bank account and suck years out of my life, then no. But if you are talking about growing in a specific field and succeeding in it, whatever it may be and however much it may pay, then yes. I would like some resemblance of a career. Most importantly though, I want a life!

In the Spirit of International Women’s Day, Let’s Talk About Men Saturday, Mar 8 2014 

Originally posted on The Olive Column:

I know it seems a little unconventional.

International Women’s Day is a celebration of women’s achievements and a way of inspiring women to do more, and stand in the face of discrimination. Within the context of a global event intended to address gender discrimination and oppression since the early 20th century, there should be some degree of concern about sexism, however it may manifest itself. While women continue to face gross acts of violence on a scale that is quite shameful at this day and age, innocent advocates of women’s rights and female solidarity may actually be inadvertently practising sexism and reinforcing the very stereotypes they hope to abolish.

ImageHow often do you see generic posts on social media, highlighting how women are cleaner, more organised, more beautiful, can be bitchy as much as they want … and so on and so forth? We can have a few laughs…

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